Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Real Story on Hair loss Forums

What a great idea. A group of people get together and share experiences on their hair transplant procedure so you will have unbiased information on who to select for your procedure. In theory it is an awesome idea. In reality the two biggest sites are controlled by businessman who CHARGE doctors to be discussed on their sites. That is correct. To be discussed you have to pay to be in their membership alliance. If you don't pay, no matter how talented or exceptional your skills are you won't be mentioned unless it is in negative terms. I wonder how many people who read these forums are aware of that. Shouldn't there be a disclaimer that only those who pay to be a part of the alliance will be spoken about in positive terms and those that don't will be talked about in negative terms?
If I have a procedure and I want to write about my doctor in a complimentary way on their forum, unless it was with their doctors it will not be published.

These two sites rally against the big corporations who do these procedures withoust discerning the individual doctors who worked there. Ironically, four previous MHR doctors now are on the Bald Truth list of doctors who are now deemed OK. I'm sure there are some other doctors from other organizations who wouldn't pay Spencer who are now suddenly deemed OK to do your procedure once they pay to be on the list.
Even the "Gillenator" who is employed as an advocate for Bald Truth is actually a former employee of MHR. MHR is primarily responsible for that before and after photo Steve shows of himself. Where is the credit for that? I'm no cheerleader for the big corporations, I worked at MHR for almost ten years. I can tell you they did some things real well and others not so well. Just like any other business.
What it comes down to is basically who is your doctor and the staff that works on you. How many cases per day will be done. You want to be the only case for the day. If you can't get that assurance then don't do it with that doctor because they are putting themselves before you.
What a different perspective people would have if they new this before they started reading those forums. They do not pass the smell test. Just ask Consumer Reports.