Friday, October 5, 2012


This is a great documentation of the process of hair restoration done independently by our patient on his own.  This is unedited and sent to us from our patient who travelled in to do his procedure.

This patient had two prior procedures elsewhere by two different doctors with minimal results at best.

One of the procedures prior was a FUE (scarless surgery) which despite being advertised as "scarless" was anything but.  Not to mention he didn't get any results.  The growth was stunted by the "scarless" process that is involved in pulling out one graft at a time over ten hours.

Unfortunately, we are seeing a lot of FUE fix-it cases from people who thought they did a good job in researching the most advanced methods only to discover they were fooled by the advertising and marketing campaign behind FUE.  If you don't see MANY FINAL RESULTS from a doctor that should be a red flag.  How anyone can go to a doctor who has just a few photos on his website is beyond me.

This patient is very private but felt inspired to help other people avoid the costly and frustrating process that he went through until he found Dr. Bolton.

Seven Days Post-Op

One Month Post-Op

Two Months Post-Op

Three Months

Four Months

Five Months

Six Months

Six Months Combed back Wet

At least 6 more months of progress to come before a final result!