Thursday, August 29, 2013

Meet our Patient who flew in from Brasilia, Brazil

He is an internet savvy entrepreneur who was looking to find the best doctor in the world for his next 

procedure.  His first procedure in Brazil was not properly done.  He noticed Dr. Bolton moved more 

hair in one procedure in less time then anyone in the world.  He decided the 20 hour flight would 

not be a detriment.  Our patient hoped that we could fill his entire area of loss from front

through the crown.  The patient contacted me via Skype (greathairtransplants)

got all the information he needed and was encouraged that we helped with his travel costs.

It was that simple.


Prior procedure in Brazil

3 strips containing approximately 3500 hairs each
for a total of 10,500 Hairs!

Dr. Bolton harvested over 10,000 hairs, sutured the donor area
and made the entry sites in 45 minutes!

The top was shaved to make room for the grafts.

The outer edge will grow back with his own hair which was shaved just prior to the procedure.

Shaving is an option not a requirement

Over 10,000 hairs and zero detectability of a suture line

Mission Accomplished

Patient flew in from Brazil for his entire scalp to be covered and we were able
to do that.  The entire procedure took less then 5 hours.

Our patient was kind enough to volunteer to help others in his situation by allowing us
to post these pictures.  He will supply us photos as time continues.  He also is willing to speak to 
anyone who has questions from his area and tell them his experience and treatment.

We feel that anyone who educates themselves and comes to the  realization that the number of hair you

get is directly correlated to your results will choose to have Dr. Bolton do their procedure.

Who will have a better result after one year.  The patient who gets 5,000 hairs or the patient who gets

10,000 hairs?  You want the hair.

3 Weeks Post-Op

Not Yet 3 Months!

He will have a great result!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Maxharvest Plus

Patient comes in from Israel
Wants the most hair possible within his donor capability
Approximately 10,200 hairs harvested
The procedure was completed in less then 5 hours 

Before the procedure began

Dr. Bolton makes the sites 

The sites are filled with grafts from front to back!

Before area is shaved

4 months later 

Before area is shaved

4 Months After

Before area is shaved
4 Months later


30 Days Post-Op

Hairs are still growing and starting to get length.
Here is hoping they keep growing and don't shed.
Either way he will get his results.  It is just a matter of time either way.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Thursday, August 15, 2013

UPDATE! - 3 Weeks After Procedure

A lot of hairs are still growing and starting  to get some length.  Patient called and voiced concern that

some hairs in the front have shed.  It should not be a concern if you shed hair after the procedure as that

is a normal occurrence.   It is very rare for the hair not to fall out initially.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Man Versus Machine

In history, machines have replaced humans as a more efficient and productive way to improve a way of doing things.  The car replaced the buggy, robots replaced people in auto manufacturing.
There is no question that in these two prior examples the replacement is superior to what existed prior.

In hair restoration, there are at least two automated machines that are trying to replace the current methods.  However, the machine is not more efficient then the elite doctor it is trying to replace.  If a doctor is a beginner in hair restoration, the machine enables him to place an ad and attract business.  Most consumers are not savvy enough to ask the right questions.  For example, how many years have you been doing this and may I see pictures of your patient's results?

The capabilities of the machine pale in comparison to Dr. Bolton's skills.

The machine is limited on a best case scenario to about 4,000 hairs in a day.

The machine cannot be used for curly hair.

Dr. Bolton is not limited by the type of hair you have.

Dr. Bolton has transplanted up to 14,000 hairs in less then 6 hours.

That means Dr. Bolton is able to yield three times more hair in less then half the time.

The machine has zero ability to create natural hair lines or angle the hair from the scalp.

The machine cannot get better density then Dr. Bolton.

The machine creates much more scars then Dr. Bolton.

The machine was designed to improve capabilities and actually doesn't come close.  

The example below is of a man who would have gotten a fraction of the results by having a  machine do his procedure.  Why would anyone want to minimize their results when the amount of hair you get is directly related to your results?

Dr. Bolton got this gentleman 14,000 hairs and the extraction process took 20 minutes with every hair

coming from the safe zone of the donor area ensuring long term survival.

The machine would be lucky to get 4,000 hairs, which can take all day(8 hours plus) with many hairs

outside the safe area, meaning the hair will fall out again in the future.

I don't think many people want to experience hair loss twice.  Especially when you have to 

pay a premium for the machine.

Do you think his results will be better with 4,000 hairs or 14,000 hairs?

Man VS. Machine

You Decide?

Patient from California sends in his 5 Month Results


5 Months later


5 Months Later

At least 7 more months of growth to come!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Patient from California sends in Photo

of his donor area immediately after his sutures were
removed 10 days post-op.

The area is shaved for the procedure but his hair covers it 

completely and he is just holding it up to show the craftsmanship of Dr. Bolton
and his ability to move more hair then most and leave a smaller scar.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Patient from Australia sends in picture 12 days after his procedure.

All crusts are completely gone.  Hair is starting to grow!

Stay tuned to monitor progress over the coming months.

14,000 Hair Transplant completed in less then 6 hours!

Largest procedure ever done in the history of hair restoration in under 6 hours and 

completely documented.