Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Thanks to our kind patient who is willing to share his case history with others with the objective of helping to ensure they get a doctor who will give them the best results possible.

Case History:
Patient flew in from out of the area to ensure his transplant this time went better then his first local transplant.  Patient was not happy with the results. It lacked density and the scar was larger then he expected.  His goal was to strengthen his hair line, fix the scar and get as much density and coverage as possible.

Before Dr. Bolton

Immediately after Surgery

One year after Surgery with Dr. Bolton

Immediately after Surgery

One year later

Before Dr. Bolton but one surgery elsewhere

Immediately after surgery

One Year Later

Prior to Dr. Bolton but one surgery elsewhere

One year after Dr. Bolton

One year after Dr. Bolton

This is the scar prior to Dr. Bolton taking it out, covering his whole entire area with grafts and reducing the scar size.  Now the patient has had two surgeries, has a smaller scar and a significant result.  

Donor area one year later after scar revision and transplant by Dr. Bolton

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Hair Transplant Update


8 months Post op

If you scroll through this blog you will see Tony has extensively written about his experience.  You will see his photos from the first day of surgery up until today.  Thanks, Tony for helping so many people understand what is possible and how it works.